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3 Amazing & Free Browser Games

Who needs to pay for expensive consoles or PCs when there are fun games on the internet? These days, browser games are a hot topic for players to discuss with each other, as the majority are engaging, simple, and the best thing: free. Choosing what game to play is one decision you’ll have to make, but you’ll also have to choose the right browser! Some people may not care which browser they use, be it Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc., but to many, the right browser can make all the difference. It’s worth reading about what makes each browser different, so you can make the right choice for you.

3 Amazing & Free Browser Games

Once you know what browser to use, now to pick a game! These are three options that constantly provide hours of quality entertainment and joy.


Dragon Ball Z Online

Dragon Ball Super is the latest TV series in the Dragon Ball universe to be released, but why not go back in time a little bit to Dragon Ball Z? The series contained some of the best characters, such as Frieza, Cell, Majin, The Androids, and of course the heroes Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks. Dragon Ball Z Online allows you to play as one of these characters, and it’s your quest to hunt down the seven Dragon Balls, whilst taking part in epic fights. The fact that it’s possible to progress and increase your power over the course of the game makes it worth playing for a long time!


Kingdom Rush

Prepare for battle! War is coming, and Kingdom Rush is fantastic tower defense game allows you to have a bird’s-eye view on the battlefield. Using swords, bows and arrows, artillery, and even magic, you’ll need quick reflexes to make sure no enemies make it past your battlements. With three difficulty levels, you can find a pace that suits you, and develop your army throughout the game.


World’s Biggest Pac-Man

A game first released in 1980 might seem a bit odd for a game to play in 2016, but Pac-Man is a timeless game. The art of skillfully avoiding your ghost enemies, whilst chomping up all those little yellow dots is incredibly fun and never gets old. The game is a little different to the original, however, because it allows the player access to far more mazes, and even gives you the option to create your own maze and put it online. Let’s see how others fare in a maze you produced!


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