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Destiny’s Warlocks Next in Line for Balancing

It’s been a long time coming but with next week’s April Update, Bungie looks to finally be addressing the issue of balance with Warlocks in Destiny. Community manager David “DeeJ” Dague hinted at as much when he teased the next stream for the update scheduled for April 6th. Addressing concerns on Twitter, Dague said, “I am a Warlock. We had it coming. Titans endured the last design pass. We’ll survive ours. Or are you afraid?”

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He further noted: “Hang in there, fellow Warlock. Let’s hold our judgment until we hear from the devs.”

That’s all well and good but when you think back to the Titan’s Sunbreaker class and how overboard Bungie went with the nerfs, it remains to be seen how Warlocks will fare when the dust settles.

The class has long been under scrutiny for a variety of reasons, including the Sunsinger’s Viking Funeral perk which results in severe damage ticks over time and the Stormcaller’s duration of Storm Trance which has been considered extensive when using the Transcendence perk. Bungie hasn’t confirmed if these perks are indeed being nerfed so look forward to its live stream on April 6th.

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